Resource For Living® provides resources and services to meet your unique needs. We're your one-stop shop for all your mental health and wellbeing needs. You may find that you need help managing everyday life or overcoming a major challenge. Our team of care partners will guide you through your options and connect you to services that work for you.

Resources For Living® care partners’ will help you get the most out of your benefits based on your needs. You and all members of your household have free, 24/7 access to these mental health benefits:


Live chat support

You can connect with a Care Partner online through the Live chat feature on your Resources For Living member website.


Counseling support

Get five free and confidential counseling sessions per issue per year. You can talk with a counselor by phone, in person or through tele video to help you with:

  • Relationship issues
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Drugs/alcohol

Chat therapy support

Use your free sessions with chat therapy. Send secure text messages to a counselor, who will reply daily up to five days per week. Each week of texting counts as one of your five sessions.

Personalize your needs, at your own pace with Twill

  • Discover a new kind of online wellness portal and mobile app with Twill. It is clinically proven and offers applications to improve your emotional health.

Daily life assistance

  • Need a child or elder care provider? Someone to mow the lawn? Or other personal or household services? We can help you find options for your family and your budget.

Legal and financial consultations

  • Access a free 30-minute phone consultation. It can be used for legal or financial issues you may be facing. 

Identity theft consultations

  • Access a free 60-minute phone consultation. It can be used for breach of identity or in preparation of potential breach.

Caregiver support

  • Connections for you and your family with support groups, support services and strategies for self-care.

We are here to help you stress less and live more

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All EAP calls are confidential, except as required by law. 

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